Instituto NAUTA

On the ruins of the pre-Columbian world, the Spaniards built a grandiose historical construction that, in its broad outlines, is still standing. They united many peoples who spoke different languages, worshipped different gods, fought among themselves or did not know each other. They united them through laws and legal and political institutions, but above all through language, culture and religion. If the losses were enormous, the gains have been immense.

Octavio Paz, Nobel Prize in Literature 1990.

The Instituto Nauta was created in response to the wishes of our ideological and visionary founder, Miguel de la Quadra-Salcedo y Gayarre. From his conviction to strengthen fraternal ties between countries of Spanish tradition and culture, our institution was born in 2014.

The AMAUTAS of Nauta constitute the advisory committee that supervises, validates and selects all actions developed by the Institute under a single mission, the transfer of knowledge of the Spanish legacy.

And if the Amautas trained and educated with wisdom the great Inca kings, for Nauta they are the reference of our institution.

D. Miguel de la Quadra-Salcedo

Honorary Perpetual Chairman

D. Francisco S. Guitard



Dra. Marion Reder,
D. Federico Souvirón,
D. Carlos León Amores,
Dña. Rocío Torres,
Dr. Antonio García Losada,
Dr. Carlos Pérez Ariza,
Dr. Pedro Pérez Frías,
D. Jorge Peña,