Instituto NAUTA

The Goblet of the Inca

Symbol of Cordoba's silverware

The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba presented the exhibition "El Cáliz del Inca: símbolo de la platería de Córdoba" (The Chalice of the Inca: symbol of Cordoba's silverware). The exhibition, centered on the chalice of the Inca that is kept in the National Museum of Decorative Arts, gathered a selection of chalices that show the evolution and strength of Cordoba's silverware. The exhibition is structured in works belonging to the Cathedral Chapter of Cordoba as well as to other diocesan temples.

"El Cáliz del Inca: símbolo de la platería de Córdoba" is an initiative of the Cabildo Catedral de Córdoba through Foro Osio. It is also organized by Instituto Nauta and with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture of Spain, the Embassy of Peru in Spain and the Cátedra Córdoba Ciudad Mundo of the University of Córdoba.



Event Details

The so-called "Goblet of the Inca", a goldsmith's representative piece of 17th century Cordovan silverware, returned 200 years later to its home, one of the chapels of the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba where the remains of the Inca Garcilaso rest, who commissioned the work to the Cordovan Juan Bautista de Herrera in 1620.

The return of the piece was possible thanks to the exhibition "The goblet of the Inca. Symbol of Cordoba's silverware", an exhibition of 16 unique pieces, manufactured by the cream of Cordoba's 15th to 18th century punchmakers and held in the Mosque-Cathedral.

Authentic works of art of gold, silver and precious stones, whose value is incalculable beyond the mere presence of precious materials in their manufacture and work. Being the main one of the sample, for its novelty, the Goblet of the Inca.