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Prince of Literature

Inca Garcilaso and Góngora

A documented selection of the affective, economic, literary, family and social relationships of two Princes of Letters: Góngora and Inca Garcilaso, who shared the city of Córdoba for 25 years.

Under the academic coordination of the Góngora Chair of the University of Córdoba.



Event Details

Exhibition at the Mosque-Cathedral

- The exhibition was open to the public visiting the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba.

- Prior to the inauguration, the philologist and Hispanist Amelia de Paz gave a conference entitled "The Almoneda of Inca Garcilaso".

- This intercultural initiative was the result of collaboration between the Nauta Institute and various institutions, such as the Cathedral Chapter of Cordoba and the Góngora Chair of the UCO.